I teach a variety of courses covering a wide range of issues in international relations and security studies. The most recent syllabi for the classes that I teach may be found below.
During the Spring 2018 Semester, I will be teaching:
          PIA 2303: Introduction to Security and Intelligence Studies (syllabus)
          PIA 2434: Civil-Military Relations (syllabus)
In previous terms, I have taught:
         PIA 3019: Integrated Seminar in International Affairs (syllabus)
           PIA 3303: Advanced Seminar in Security and Intelligence Studies (syllabusappendices)
Students working on writing assignments for my courses (and those taught by others) should consult these brief guides:
          Tips for Improving Your Prose (.pdf)
          Tips for Conducting Secondary-Source Research (.pdf)
          George Orwell's Take (.pdf)
          Weird Al's Take (video)
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